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Black Metal Crypto Card

A true piece of art



This beautifully designed digital wallet is a luxurious full metal art object where you optionally can store your own digital wallet code. It is a beautiful way to keep your wallet code safe. The usability of this card is endless, you can use it for any cryptocurrency. A true piece of art.

You will be provided with personal QR stickers to easily attach to the backside of your card


Have you ever found yourself wondering what the safest place to hide your cryptocurrencies wallet code is? Wonder no longer, because you’ve come to the right place. With CryptoCards luxurious full metal CryptoCard you can store your wallet code safely on the back. It even comes with an optional scratch-off-layer so you know that your code is safe. The wallet code is stored on the back of the card using a QR-code. Of course you can also choose not to put your wallet code on the back, that way it is still a beautiful full metal luxurious card that you can store in your physical wallet, put on display on a shelf or would be perfect to store in a safe.

The card is beautifully designed by our designers, is made from the most luxurious metal, grade 304 stainless steel, and the CryptoCard is 0.5 mm thick. It is laser engraved and has a Bitcoin cutout in the middle. It also has some of the biggest CryptoCoin logo’s printed on it, like Etherium, Ripple, Lightcoin and Monero. This doesn’t mean that you can’t store other wallets on this deluxe CryptoCard.

Any cryptocurrency is supported!

metal crypto card

QR Code
Public & Private key

Add your public address, private key and even a label. We will print QR code stickers for you to attach to the back of your card. All free of charge!

Elegantly Packed
Perfect as a gift

Either a gift for yourself or friends/family. It would look perfectly under a Christmas tree for example 🙂

All Cryptocurrencies are supported!

Secure Funds
Protective sticker

To further secure your crypto keys. We will add some free scratch-off stickers. Attach these over your QR codes for maximum security.