Security Information

In cryptoland, security is key. Keeping your funds secure and your wallet details private is important. That’s why we at CryptoCards decided to make this an important topic and even creating a specific page for this for anyone who was any concerns about our security. If anything is unclear or you require more information before or even after you’ve placed an order, please contact us.

Crypto wallet

In order to use our metal crypto wallet, you obviously need a cryptocurrency wallet! We think that if you’ve reached this page, you probably already have a wallet or at least extended knowledge about this subject. If not , please check our partners website BTCdirect.eu for more information about creating wallets or contact us with your questions.

Free QR code stickers on every order

If you rather not print a sticker yourself and want us to do this step for you, you can use our free QR sticker service. On each order we can supply you with a QR code sticker printed on a thermal printer in black & white. The dimensions are exactly the dimensions you need for our metal wallet. So the only thing you need to do is cut the sticker using the instruction sheet added to your order and you are good to go!

Public address and private key

Every cryptocurrency wallet consists of 2 items;

– Public address
This is the address you supply to friends & family, or your preferred cryptocurreny exchange in order to load your address with crypto.

– Private key
This is the address that, as the name would suggest, needs to remain private. This is the key to your public address. Anyone with access to this key can withdraw funds from your public address and thus wallet.
Because you supply us with the private key in order for us to print it onto a QR code, we advise you to put a passhrase on your key. That way it’s encrypted and makes it more secure.

– Labels (optional)
Optionally you will be able to enter a label for the public and private key. This makes it easier for you to recognize which QR code is which since printed, they both will look much alike.

Secure your private key with a passphrase

Because you supply us with the private key in order for us to print it onto a QR code, we advise you to secure it with a passphrase. A passphrase is a password for your private key. That means that even if someone has access to your private key, the data still cannot be accessed and thus making your wallet (more) secure.

Please make sure to use a strong passphrase on your private key and remember it or store the passphrase in a safe location. Without it, you’ll lose access to your wallet and all the funds on it will be lost forever.

Check if the wallet QR codes are correct

Once you entered all the required details for the QR codes to be generated, an example will be shown with actual QR codes. This way you can see and test the QR codes yourself.

Please test the QR codes BEFORE placing your order. 

Security FAQ

The public address, private key and all related order details are automatically deleted after 2 months. This gives us enough time to process your order. And you enough time to review it or ask us questions about it.

After 2 months, we wouldn’t need to keep your data. And to prevent your wallet info being leaked during a data breach, this seemed like the safest option for us.

For you:
– Product page (data automatically deleted after 2 months)
– Checkout page (data automatically deleted after 2 months)
– Order confirmation page (data automatically deleted after 2 months)
– Order confirmation e-mail on your private e-mail address

For us:
– Backend order details page (data automatically deleted after 2 months)

We understand your concern. And although we think this will never happen, we want to be as transparent about this as possible:
your data is stored for a maximum of 2 months. This means not even a hacker could access it after this period.

If a hacker would be able to get into our systems within these 2 months, we will notify all affected customers as soon as possible. Do note; a hacker will not be able to access your wallet and/or funds if you’ve used a passphrase on your private key!

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